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InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Jan 15, 2019
Vote Site Links

Nova Wars is a new faction server that has something for every type of new player. There is always something for you to do, weather it is to become the strongest faction or if it is to battle the epic mob bosses in the war zone, we can guarantee you will always have something to do. We take pride in our selves on being able to provide a premium faction's experience that cannot be found on any other server, we are constantly updating our server to make it an experience to remember. At Nova Wars, everyone receives a warm welcome by all staff and players, and we encourage all new players to play, have fun and enjoy themselves whilst in the company of our server.

If you are a new player and you would like to get some rewards to get you started, you can vote daily on our vote sites to receive $1000 and a Basic Charm (Crate Key). If your extra lucky you will also receive an extra $10,000 per vote. You may vote every 24 hours, on every single vote link, and you can vote up to 7 time per day!

Vote Sites :
Your reward will process as soon as you have clicked confirm. Please make sure you double check your username is the same as your In-Game name, including capitals and underscores if your name includes them. Rewards may take up to 20 minutes to process but are likely to process immediately. If you come across any issues do nothesitate to contact a member of staff here at Nova Wars.

Have a good evening and welcome to the forums!

Want more information, or want to support our server? Click the links below!

Website : NovaWars.Net
Store : Store.NovaWars.Net
Forums : Forums.NovaWars.Net
Discord : https://discord.gg/NW9ePWX

InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars Factions
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