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Staff Application

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Jan 3, 2020
Questions / Format on applying for staff:
  • What is your username?
  • My current username is Discomfit.

  • What platform are you most active on? (Server, Discord, Forums)
  • I am most active in Discord (As of now).

  • How old are you?
  • I am 15 years old.

  • What timezone are you in?
  • Brasilia - BRT

  • How long have you been playing on the Nova Wars Server?
  • I have been playing NovaWars for a long time ( I dont know exactly how much )

  • Have you ever been banned on any server? (Expired or active, be honest)
  • Yes, I have been banned in Hypixel and its still acitve due to it being a Perm ban. However in my opinion the ban was unfair due to the ender pearl glitching me in a block an the anti - cheat banning me for "fly"

  • If you have ever been staff on another Minecraft server, please state its name, the average player count and what your position was/how long you were in it.Why are you no longer working on the mentioned server? If you have not been a staff member before, please disregard this question.
  • I have been staff in two other server ( Ryzamc and Novawars ). On Ryzamc I was a Moderator for about 3 months, but I am no longer working in the mentioned server due to it shutting down for unknown reasons. While in NovaWars I had to step down due to inactivity cause by school ( such as studying for tests, group work, etc )

  • How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to NovaWars on average?
  • In average I can contribute about 3 - 4hours a day.

  • Are you able to record and upload proof of hackers?
  • Yes, I am able of recording and uploading footage of hackers.

  • In as many words as you wish, outline why you should be selected to become a staff member on NovaWars. (This is what matters, include as much detail as possible)
  • I think I should be selected to become staff on NovaWars, because I have a good knowledge of the MC community. Also knowing how to talk myself out / talk other players out about their attitudes. I am also a very patient person, and in my opinion, thats a really important skill to have as a staff member, whether that applies to helping a player or watching a hacker. When i'm watching a hacker I dont jump right away to conclusions, I give myself some time to distinguish if the player is really hacking or not, whether I am still unsure I would be recording and I would disscuss it with another staff member. Another skill I have is being able to SS ( Screen Share ), i've done it multiple times at Ryzamc and most of times I was able to find the hacked client. I also have a vast knowledge of Moderator commands and how to assess the situation (whether I should mute, temp-ban. or ban )
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