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Staff Application

Should i be a staff member?

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    Votes: 3 100.0%
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Aug 2, 2019
IGN: ChcikenDerpyDude Age: 13 Time zone: Eastern Discord username: PizzaSwag#2946 What are you most active on: I'm most active on the server.

Have you ever been banned: Yes I have been FALSELY banned on hypixel for an autoclicker when I was actually dragclicking which is a really fast way of clicking.

How often you can spend on the server: ill usually spend at least an hour a day. but ill usually be on longer than that. I am usually on around 4-7pm Est.

Experience: I have Quite a bit of experience being a staff member on Minecraft server. I used to be a admin on a server call the fuzz server but I was kick off due to me using a hacked client to test the anti cheat plugin but they just kicked me off. by the way i don't plan to use a hacked client any time soon or in the future. but yea, so, I am very good with world edit and building.

are you able to record hacker: Yes I can record hackers for proof.

How long Have you been playing: I've been playing for approximately 2 1/2 days and counting, and I think the server is great.

Why should we pick you instead of the other's that are applying: You should pick me for a staff member because I can help build the server, find great plugins, and i know how to teach
the toxic 9 y/os from cyber bullying others. and I know how to tell if someone is cheating or using game bugs to their advantage. I don't get angry easily but when I do I know to get off and chill out. I will make sure that anything you need is done asap and if that is reading application, moderating the server finding hackers, etc. I hope i can be chosen and responsible enough.

position/s you are applying too: I want to apply for mod or higher (preferably something higher than helper) because I can moderate chat and the server, and i know to report cheaters to admins and know how to tell if they are cheating or not. (extra)

Do you have any factions experience: Yes, I have quite a bit of factions and survival experience. I play factions on a lot of servers and I love to answer questions people have about factions.

Extra: Well, i am 13 my name is Max I'm from Indiana and i love soccer, computers, and swimming. I am currently make an app with 3 of my friends and we got to other states presenting it. we have so far won 2 contest out of 4 and we compete against the other winners. so wish me luck and I think Novawars is my favorite server. Also sorry if I wasn't supposed to make a poll I hop that isn't a problem.

Thank you for this opportunity, Sincerely,

ChickenDerpyDude (aka Max)
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InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
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Jan 15, 2019
Application denied. You have not been on in over 28 days.
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