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Staff Application (xSavgs)

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New member
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Sep 7, 2019
Username: xSavgs
Active Platform: Discord
Age: 13
Timezone: GMT + 0
Playtime: 5 Minutes
Banned On Other Servers: Nope
Staff On Other Server: Can't Remember Names Long Time Ago
How Many Hours To Contribute: M-F Approx. 6-7 Hours Per Day S-S Approx. 12-15 Hours Per Day
Able To Record: Yes
Why Should Be Selected: I Have Been Staff On A Lot Of Other Servers And I Think I Am A Good Guy I Would Like To Become Developer If Possible, But If Not I Don't Mind What You Make Me. Anyways I Would Like To Become Staff Because I Have Been Looking For Staff On Various Networks, But It Was Either Too Many Players I Wouldn't Stand A Chance Or It Was Poor And Wasn't Funded And No Work Done To It, But When I Logged On Here It was Like Yes This Is Where I Want To Spend My Everyday As Staff So I Hope You Will Accept Me As Staff On Your Beautiful Server.
Not open for further replies.