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Season 7 (Reset notes + Important announcements)


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Jan 15, 2019
Season 7 (Reset notes + Important announcements)

Nova wars has been working on some new updates! Here at Nova Wars, we are always constantly updating our service and making sure we can give the best possible experience for any player who spends time on our Network. Whilst playing on Nova Wars, you can enjoy a lag-free and friendly experience with 24/7 guarantee uptime.

For Season 7, we have decided to trial out a new idea we had. What would happen if we merged the 2 of the most common gamemodes, Factions & Prison? Well, we have done exactly that. We have taken the key parts of both servers, and put it into one. We call it, Practions. We have taken the idea of Mining, Leveling up & Prestiging from prison, and taken the idea of raiding, base making and massive battles / duels and combined them.

What could go wrong? 2 of the most favored gamemodes, in one. Nothing could be better.

Factions Updates:

Mystery Classes & Evolutional Classes :

After much request, we have added Gkits and Vkits to the network, called Mystery Classes & Mystery Evolutional Classes. These classes will be able to purchased from our store @ store.novawars.net, but they are also able to be won in game from crate charms, monthly crates, cluescrolls, and many more. In total, there is 18 Mystery Classes, and there is 5 Mystery Evolutional Classes. In order to gain these Classes, you will be required to kill the equivalent Heroic Boss. These bosses will have a chance to drop a class gem which will let you redeem the class every 72 hours, and if you happen to become unlucky the boss will just drop the class itself with random rates. To obtain the heroic boss spawn egg, you have to be in possession of the Heroic Boss Crate which will give you 1 random boss spawn egg which can be placed anywhere in the world.









This season we decided to remove the previous skill tree plugin, and add McMMO back. McMMO has custom messages and has been heavily edited to make it look much better. We have also implemented a feature that enables users to win McMMO Vouchers in game and then redeem credit to a specific skill using ./redeem. In addition to this, we have added a gui which all users will be able to see their mmo statistics, and see what position they are in, in comparison to all other users on the server, this can be opened by typing /mcmmo!



Reward Updates:

We have completely reworked the reward system for those users who have purchased ranks from our server store. We have decided to invent Ranked Care Packages, every fortnight, all users will be able to redeem a care package which will reward them with several items and rewards such as money pouches, experience pouches, spawners and several other items, to view the menu, type /rewards.

In addition to adding fortnightly rewards, we have also added a new system called reclaim. When you purchase a rank of our store, you will then be able to type /reclaim in game to claim rewards for that rank, for the highest rank, this is items like Monthly crates, Money and Crate Keys.



Menus Update:

As requested, we have added several user friendly menus to help new players get a grasp on the new server, and features that is within that server. Not only will this help navigate new users, it also helps current users see any new features added.

The commands to open these menus is as follows;
  • /Help
  • /FtopRewards
  • /Events
  • /Cluescrollrewards
  • /Mines
  • /Prestiges
  • /Classes
  • /Pv
  • /Ranks
  • /Rewards
  • /Mcmmo
  • /Kits
  • /Warp








Monthly Crate Update:

We have created a complete new concept for the way that monthly crates work. When you place a crate onto the ground, you will be greeted with an amazing animation which will show all the rewards right in front of your eyes. This applies to Monthly Crates, Heroic Crates, Spawner Crates & Seasonal Crates. Not only have we added this, we have also completly revamped the reward system previously used previously, the new system has many more rewards, and better chances for better rewards. As requested, we have also cleared out alot of the junk winable from these crates.

You can now also win Monthly Crates & Heroic Crates in game! More of that below..




Crate Keys Update:

We have added a total of 8 crates instead of 3, and we have added some crates which are reward-specific, meaning with some of the crates, you will have to do tasks to get the keys.

The crates are;
  • Vote Crate ➙ Vote on our server sites to obtain a maximum of 5 vote keys per day
  • Basic Crate ➙ Winnable from rewards in game
  • Enchanted Crate ➙ Winnable from rewards in game
  • Mythical Crate ➙ Winnable from rewards in game
  • Prestige Crate ➙ Given when a user prestiges
  • Mine Crate ➙ Given from the enchant Key-Finder when mining
  • Koth Crate ➙ Won from being the conquer of the King Of The Hill Event
  • Youtuber Crate ➙ Only given through Key-All's when a youtuber who records on our server reaches a milestone, (IE; Hitting 5k subscribers)








Faction Pets :

We have finally added back faction pets! These can be found in every single event / reward on the server. There are a total of 18 different pet which all do different perks / tasks. These can be found by hatching eggs in your inventory for 5 minutes. There are 3 different tiers of pet eggs, being Common, Special & Legendary.

(There are also some prison based pets too!)




Buycraft Credit :

You can now win buycraft credit in game! Wait, really? Yes! You can win this from things like monthly crates, crate keys, cluescrolls, and much more! To use, you right click the voucher and it will create you a personal discount code for the stated amount, which you can then go ahead and use on the tebex store @ store.novawars.net!



Envoy Updates :
  • Requirement for envoy to begin has been increased from 2 to 4 as people would grind envoys to get rich too quickly.
  • Envoy will now always give an item, whereas before their was issues where people would receive false envoys.
  • The envoy will now drop 30 crates instead of 50.
  • The envoy will occur at random locations instead of set locations.
  • The envoy rewards have been buffed alot due to the decrease of crate drops.
  • The envoy cooldown for opening crates has been increased from 5s to 20s, to prevent ranked flight to obtain all crates and having an unfair advantage.
Cluescroll Updates :
  • New clues have been added (Enchantment clues, Playtime clues and many more).
  • Some riddle clues which did not make much sense have been removed.
  • Heroic cluescroll has been made more difficult as the rewards have been significantly buffed.
  • The Heroic Scroll has more tasks to be completed in order to obtain rewards.
  • Added prison clues such as sell to the sell merchant, and rank up x amount of times.
Prison Updates:

Prison Mines & Prestiges:

We have added A-Z mines, and 7 Prestige mines. These can all be found by typing /warp. There are a total of 150 prestiges, and 7 prestige milestones. When you reach a prestige milestone, you will recieve several rewards as a congratulations, which can also be viewed by typing /prestige. Each prestige costs 500k to do, and you will receive 1x Prestige Crate Key whenever you do so, and you must me rank Z to prestige.

Along with adding this, there is also a new command, /AutoSell, which will automatically be given to Anarchist ranks, which will allow you to automatically sell all your mined blocks to the sell merchant, without having to click it! This command can be purchased separately on the store, if you wish to.



Tokens & Upgrades:

As a prisons classic, we have added tokens which can be used to upgrade your pickaxe, armour and tools. You are able to add custom enchantments to your items, and also add vanilla enchantments too! There are a total of 8 custom enchantments (more to come) which have been added, to make mining & pvp much more fun, these are;
  • Description: Provides the ability to randomly find tokens whilst mining
  • Added too : Pickaxes
  • Upgrade Cost: 350
  • Max Level : 1500
  • Description: Provides the ability to randomly remove the top surface layer of the mine
  • Added too : Pickaxes
  • Upgrade Cost: 500
  • Max Level : 1500
  • Description: Provides the ability to randomly find crate keys whilst mining.
  • Added too : Pickaxes
  • Upgrade Cost: 500000
  • Max Level : 1
  • Description: Provides the ability to randomly create an explosion to destroy the mine faster.
  • Added too : Pickaxes
  • Upgrade Cost: 500
  • Max Level : 100
  • Description: Provides the ability walk on water.
  • Added too : Boots
  • Upgrade Cost: 100000
  • Max Level : 1
  • Description: Provides the ability walk on lava.
  • Added too : Boots
  • Upgrade Cost: 100000
  • Max Level : 1
  • Description: Provides the ability to loose less damage on Armour.
  • Added too : Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots
  • Upgrade Cost: 1000
  • Max Level : 200
  • Description: Provides the ability to randomly make the item someone is holding to go to a different slot.
  • Added too : Sword, Axe
  • Upgrade Cost: 20000
  • Max Level : 5
In order to get these, you can purchase them using tokens in the upgrade menu, by typing /upgrade, here you will be able to select which tool you want to add the enchant too, and then add it!



Mining Crates:

When mining, you have a chance to spawn in a Mine Crate! When opened, you will recieve lots of rewards such as tokens, money pouches, and more! This will only happen in the mine world, and will not occur in the normal world.


Additional Minor Updates :
  • New spawn, and much more visual help for new players.
  • Factions Fly has been added after much request
  • When creating a nickname, colour codes will now be ignored, meaning nicknames can have a maximum of 15 characters excluding any chat formatting.
  • Basic, Enchanted & Mythical crate has been buffed with the rewards being much better.
  • After much request we added Chunk Busters into the game
  • Flat bedrock & Custom Warzone
  • General optimization of the whole server itself.
  • Store updated with new theme and new items
  • Conquest has been made more overpowered in the sense of rewards.
  • Pickaxe block tracking will only occur in the mine world, and not in the normal world.
  • Added prisoner lootbag, removed broken rewards in the other lootbags, and added better rewards to them too.
  • Added Prison Kits (Custom Pickaxes), better enchantments depending on the rank you are.
  • Added new punishment website which will show all bans, kicks, mute and punishments.
  • Fixed some essentials messages not showing the fancy format.
  • Added the current season onto the scoreboard.
  • Updated /perks to include all the new perks/features for donator ranks.
  • Fixed shop prices and merged some shops which sell similar items together (IE; Potion & Elixir Merchant)
  • All users can fly in the mine world, and do not loose hunger anymore.
  • Updated help menu and removed several typos
  • Updated Faction Top to look better, and eye pleasing.
  • Installed an anti-cheat to get rid of those pesky hackers!
  • Cannons are finally fixed, and will actually work properly this season!
Removed Features :
  • Removed Generators as they were never used
  • Removed Mob Coins as it was no longer a wanted feature
  • Removed Chunk Anchors as they never worked in the first place
  • Removed Skill Tree to be replaced with McMMO
  • Removed /Stack command.
  • Removed cooldown for redeeming vouchers.
  • Removed un-needed messages for redeeming vouchers
  • Removed useless custom enchants (and broken ones too).
  • Removed passive spawners, we only now have aggressive spawners (Such as zombie, skeleton, creeper, ect)
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