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Season 5 Revamp Details


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Jan 15, 2019
Season 5 Revamp Details

"Nova Wars is embarking on a new adventure, we want to get the servers name out there, and invite new players to come and check out the server. Whilst doing this, we also want to get the community in on our adventure. I have decided that i am going to take down the server, since the player base is minimal. I want to take what Nova Wars used to be, but add many custom plugins, twists and custom features for players to enjoy."

Since the server's release we have had some issues regarding lag, and tps spikes. This is always the one thing which any server owner dreads to this day. I can now happily say that i have tackled all of the servers lag and Nova Wars is virtually lag free! Below you can view our TPS Diagram for the server around 2 days after the release , and the TPS Diagram after we removed the broken plugin. The higher the orange points, the more lag the server was receiving. As you can see, there is several times where the orange bar was very high, this is when i decided to delve into the files and test why this was occurring. I discovered that it was our Voucher plugin which was doing this. So after swapping out our voucher plugin for a new one, i noticed a significant drop in the lag spikes the server was having, to virtually nothing (See spoilers below). This means that the server is now lag free and all users can begin to enjoy playing on the revamp and testing out all of the new features which were added. We have also upgraded our servers allocated memory alot, which will improve the general player experience.

With tons of new features, there has to be a main project on our mind for the revamp. And I’m sure many of you will be glad to know, this season, we have put all our focus onto the players experience. Many users complained that there was not much to do on the server whilst they were playing. We have added a ton of new events in the server to occur during different times of the day, I’ll list a few here; KoTH, Envoy Event, Totem event, Outpost Event too! A more detailed description of all the new events, and all the changes features will be added onto the forums and discord closer to the servers release date.

I would also like to bring to your attention that the 85% sale is still active and will be removed short after the servers release, so make sure you take advantage of this huge sale and cop yourself some new items ready for the release!

Added Features:

Inventory Pets:
  • Inventory Pets are pets which will give you custom abilities when placed in your hotbar depending on the level of the pet. To use a pet, all you have to do is place it in your inventory and it will be used! Some pets such as sheep, wolf, and squid only work in the hot bar. To hatch your mystery pet egg, you need to keep it in your hotbar for 10 minutes without moving it, if you move it from your hotbar, it will stop hatching and you will have to start over. Once the time is up, your pet will hatch into a random pet depending on what level mystery egg you have. (Common, Special, Legendary). To level up your pet, all you need to do is use its ability! Some pets have abilities per level up, and some may just keep the same abilities such as the cow. The ones that are automatic will level up and gain exp on their own, but manual ones such as creeper where you need to right click it will gain exp as you use its ability. As each level progresses the amount of exp needed to level up increases by 200, and for all levels, each time the ability is used the exp goes up by 10. You may tinker your unused spawners for shards! With this feature you may place your unwanted spawners into the tinkerer, and once accepted by clicking the trade accept button and it will give you spawner shards. You may spend these shards on mystery pet eggs in the pet egg shop.
  • Command: /tpets petshop open the pet shop.
  • Command: /tpets tinkerer to open the tinkerer.
  • Command: /tpets petmenu to open the pet menu.

Advanced Kits:
  • In this season we have taken kits to the next level, Users often complained that they were frustrated by the fact that the kits took up so much room in your storage spaces. To tackle this, we added a feature where when kits are redeemed, you will be given a chest which includes the kit, instead of the full kit itself. This means, a full kit will only take up 1 slot in your storage, and can also be stacked up to 64. The actual kits themsevles have also been buffed, with corporal having a new custom silk touch pickaxe, and each kit having a a better shovel depending on the level of the kit.

Additional Vaults + Homes:
  • The ability to have more vaults and homes than your current rank has been added as a feature on our store. You can now purchase additional ranks and homes at +1 per amount you purchase. There is a maximum of 20 vaults and 15 homes per player.

Stackable Spawners:
  • The ability to stack spawners has been added in this revamp! You can now stack spawners up to a stack of 20 per block. This reduces the need of huge mob grinders for mobs such as Iron-Golems. (Helps with lag too)

Koth, Outpost and Totem Events:
  • 3 new events have been added, these are Koth, Outpost and Totem. These events will run at random times throughout the day to make game play all that better. Koth details can be viewed using this link here. The totem occurs every 4 hours, and can be battled at /warp totem. The aim of the event is that you need to break 5 quartz blocks by hand using a diamond sword, which takes time. Once the 5th block is broken, the player who broke the totem will get a Totem Crate Key which can be used at the warp. The Outpost event is a constant event which will run at all times of the day. The aim is to cap the zone just like koth, but you have to get the cap to 100%, and once you do, you will get an assorted amount of rewards which can be viewed in ./outpost. Some rewards are 15k every 15 minutes, 1.5k XP every 15 minutes, 2x mcMMO Multiplier, and much more.
  • Nova Wars is now taking Xenforo to a whole another level.. We have interrogated the Factions server into the Forums! You can now go onto the server, and type /link. Once you do this, you will be given all your donator roles, in the forums too! This will also authenticate your minecraft account onto your forums account which will help out our staff members when dealing with any bug reports and issues.
Custom Bosses:
  • Custom bosses were due an update. In this revamp, all of the bosses have been de-buffed, and this time defeating the sinner boss is actually possible! The rewards have also been heavily buffed, with the addition of 4 new crates which can be won by killing these bosses. (See images attached)

  • Custom Boosters have been added! There are 3 types of boosters which can be won In-Game, these are XP, mcMMO and Faction Mob Drops. Each booster will last 30 minutes, and there is a variety of different levels of the boosters ranging from 1.2x to 2.5x!

General Bug Fixes:
  • During the revamp, we have had a general bug fix where we went through and removed any old features, and fixed some minor issues which are not listed above. Some of these being rewards, general text fixes and some other minor things which do not need to be listed above.
I would also like to bring to your attention that the 85% sale is still active and will be removed short after the servers release, so make sure you take advantage of this huge sale and cop yourself some new items ready for the release!

If anyone has any questions regarding the revamp, don’t hesitate to reach out to our fantastic support team.

IP: Play.NovaWars.Net
Forums: Forums.NovaWars.Net
Store: Store.NovaWars.Net
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