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Introducing my self - Impulse


IAmImpulse | Senior Mod
Registered Account
Feb 25, 2019
Hey Everyone reading this!

My name is Impulse, I used to be a staff member [Manager] on NovaWars but was demoted due to inactivity.
(My name is Kieran irl)

I'm almost 15 and am really "techy" with computers

I've been playing NovaWars since 6 September 2018
I love playing on the server, the community is amazing, I'm currently waiting on the server to come back up on March 1st ^^
I enjoy trying to make the server better by suggesting as many things as I can think of that haven't been suggested already or rejected, I may occasionally get wacky ideas that make no sense xD

I'm a twitch streamer, I love playing games, It's my passion and I want to become a programmer at some point in my life and do it as a job :p
Games I like to play/games I'm playing at the time of this post

Trove | I come and go from this game but right now I'm enjoying farming every now and then.
Counter-Strike | Only with friends etc
Path Of Exile | Usually play a lot when new leagues start
Minecraft | Mainly only play on Factions servers or Prison server's I've donated on back in 2014/15
Rome Total War | Been playing this game since I was 5/6 years old, my dad taught me how to play the game over a large amount of time :)
Grand Theft Auto Vice City | I used to play this game all the time when I was 7/8 (probably not the best thing for me to do at that age), I used to play this game all the time at my | Nanny's house with my uncle if he was there (My uncle and my dad basically brought me into gaming and I probably wouldn't be here if it wasn't for |my uncle and dad)
Apex Legends | Currently enjoying the game but the crashes kind of reduce my playtime and piss me off a little, I only really play this with friends because it's really boring alone.

Thanks for reading if anyone actually cares xD

- Impulse​