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How to report a player (Format)

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InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Registered Account
Jan 15, 2019
How to report a player (Format)

Reporting a player may be a tough thing to do, whether you need to report a player or a staff member, this is the right place to do it. Please make sure you use the example following format listed below when reporting players and make sure to answer all the questions, otherwise your report may be instantly denied and the player will not get the punishment he/she deserves. Evidence should be in the form of a video uploaded to YouTube or a screenshot of the whole minecraft screen uploaded to Imgur. The thread title should be the IGN of the player you are reporting, and the offence they committed, something like this would work "InstantzZHD's Spam Report". Clients such as kill-aura, anti-knockback all must have video evidence, however less-severe offenses such as spam, advertising and staff impersonation can be provided in a screenshot or video evidence.

Questions / Format on reporting a player:
  • What is your username?
  • What is the offenders username?
  • What offence did they commit?
  • Do you have any evidence? (You must include evidence or it will be instantly denied)
  • What time did the offence occur at? (You must include your TimeZone, E.g. GMT, PST)
We appreciate any user who takes the time out of their day to report a player to us, when we are not online to sort out the issue. This helps us clean up the server and make it as friendly as possible.
Not open for further replies.