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How to apply for Server Donator role (Format)


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Registered Account
Jan 15, 2019
How to apply for Server Donator role (Format)

If you have donated on our server, wether that be the purchase of a rank, or some monthly crates, you will be obligated to the Server Donator role on both the forums & the discord. Here, you can do just that. Applying below will give you access for the role on both the discord and the forums. The reason we require you to apply is there is no way that we are able to keep track of those users who donate, what their forums credentials are, to give them the role, by having this system put into place, only those who want the role, will get it. Simple as that.

Format for the application:
  • What is your username?
  • Do you have this role on any platform already? (Forums or Discord)
  • Name one item that you purchased :
  • What date was this purchase :
  • Do you have proof of this purchase? If so, provide the proof.
  • Was this item purchased by you, or a different user? If so, provide the username.
We tend to get through these reports within a week, but for any reason if your application has not been looked at for over a week, please do not bump the thread, as this could result in you not getting the role, and potentially being banned from the forums for breaking the rules.