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How to appeal a punishment (Format)

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Firosee | Owner of Nova Wars
Jan 15, 2019
How to report a player (Format)

If you have been banned in game, on the discord or on the forums and feel that you was either unfairly banned, or you feel that you deserve a second chance, you can use this forum to appeal your punishment. If you have a forums account you make a thread in the appeal a punishment sub-forum, if you don't yet have an account please make an account in-game so you can appeal your punishment. If you are banned on the forums and want to appeal your forums account ban, You may contact a staff member, and they will advise you on what to do from there. Do not message a staff member asking for your appeal to be checked. This can result in a more severe punishment.

Questions / Format on appealing a punishment:
  • What is your username?
  • What platform were you punished on? (Server, Discord, Forums)
  • Which staff member were you punished by?
  • What was the reason of your punishment in your own opinion? (Include as much detail as possible)
  • When were you punished? (Exact date)
  • Why do you feel your punishment should be revoked? (Include as much detail as possible)
  • Screenshot of your punishment (You can use IMGUR or attach the photo)
Please take note that you will not have a chance to reply to this thread, as once a staff member has viewed it, it will be instantly locked. So include as much detail as possible as you will not be able to edit your appeal, or have a second chance to appeal your punishment.
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