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General Updates (11/08/2019)


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
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Jan 15, 2019
General Updates (11/08/2019)

Nova wars has been working on some new updates! Here at Nova Wars, we are always constantly updating our service and making sure we can give the best possible experience for any player who spends time on our Network. Whilst playing on Nova Wars, you can enjoy a lag-free and friendly experience with 24/7 guarantee uptime.

Today's update brings some general updates and bug fixes.

Spawner Leveling :

Spawner leveling has been added back onto the server, as the developer has managed to fix the issue where stacked spawners would not count towards ftop. The way spawner leveling works is that you have to have a specific level in order to be able to place specific spawners. In order to upgrade your level, it costs $$ and XP. We have added the ability to mine and cegg spawners no matter what level you are, so if you are not the required level yet, you can store them in your pv until you are the correct level to be able to place them. Everyone's levels have been kept and their data has not been reset.

You can view a more in-depth description of this here : https://forums.novawars.net/threads/spawner-and-shop-price-update.193

Crates & Charms :

All 3 of the crates have been buffed and updated. The mythical crate has become much more overpowered and features some rare items such as Warrior - Overlord Rank, Heroic crates and high tier spawners. If anyone has any feedback regarding these crates, do let us know.

Other Fixes :
  • Guardian Spawner now drops Prismarine shards.
  • Villager Spawner now drops Emerald Blocks.
  • Silverfish Spawner now drops Diamond Blocks.
  • Iron Golem Spawner drops for Iron Blocks have been decreased from a 40% chance to a 20% chance.

Want more information, or want to support our server? Click the links below!

Store : Store.NovaWars.Net
Forums : Forums.NovaWars.Net
Discord : https://discord.gg/NW9ePWX

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