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Factions Update


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
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Jan 15, 2019
Factions Update

Nova wars has been working on some new updates! Here at Nova Wars, we are always constantly updating our service and making sure we can give the best possible experience for any player who spends time on our Network. Whilst playing on Nova Wars, you can enjoy a lag-free and friendly experience with 24/7 guarantee uptime.

Today's update brings an update to the factions plugin, we have added some minor code changes, and we have upgraded some features

Faction Power :
  • You will now loose 2 power instead of 4 every single time you die.
  • Your power will now regenerate when you are offline and online, instead of just online.
  • Faction Max Power has been increased from 200 to 250
Faction Map :

Faction map has had some changes. The normal format which is \ | / + has been changed to x +. This is due to an update with the plugin breaking the use of \, and it looked silly just having one slash.

Faction Upgrades :

Todays main update is the update of the faction upgrades tab. There are 2 new upgrades which players can choose! The 2 new upgrades are Member Limit and Power Boosts. You are now able to upgrade the amount of players you can have in your faction, default being 10, max being 25. You can also upgrade a permanent powerboost (similar to the ones you can win in game), but for $$. Some prices have changed aswell, and some have been upgraded (see "Other General Updates")






Other General Updates :
  • Added /f near to show all near faction members
  • Upgraded Faction Chest max upgrade from 4 rows to 6 (double chest size)

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Firosee | Owner of Nova Wars Factions