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Bug Fixes | 06/01/2020


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
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Jan 15, 2019
Bug Fixes | 06/01/2020

Nova wars has been working on some new updates! Here at Nova Wars, we are always constantly updating our service and making sure we can give the best possible experience for any player who spends time on our Network. Whilst playing on Nova Wars, you can enjoy a lag-free and friendly experience with 24/7 guarantee uptime.

Today's update brings some simple notes of bugs which have been fixed on the network.

Fixed Bugs :
  • Added OG role on discord (Only OG players from previous seasons will receive this!)
  • Anarchists have a permanent sell multiplier of 0.5, and overlord has 0.3.
  • You now get teleported to spawn when you prestige
  • Envoy issues have been solved
  • Fixed the bug where you would be one shot if you had the wolf pet on you, or by someone who had a wolf pet.
  • You no longer get banned when buying seasonal crates whoops
  • Tweaked FTOP values slightly, and added more spawners to the ftop list.
  • Envoy cooldown decreased to 10 seconds instead of 20. (As suggested)
  • Fixed "Redeem" button on the store showing up in white instead of blue, making it hard to see.
  • Fixed Spawner Stacking issues
  • Fixed Item drops not working for silverfish
If you know of a bug which has not been listed here, please head over to the bug reports section to report it and we will fix it!

Want more information, or want to support our server? Click the links below!

Store : Store.NovaWars.Net
Forums : Forums.NovaWars.Net
Discord : https://discord.gg/NW9ePWX

Firosee | Owner of Nova Wars Factions