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[Application] Kyrioh

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New member
Registered Account
Mar 5, 2019
  • What is your username?
  • Kyrioh

  • What platform are you most active on? (Server, Discord, Forums)
  • Server

  • How old are you?
  • 14

  • What timezone are you in?
  • EU

  • How long have you been playing on the Nova Wars Server?
  • A day.

  • Have you ever been banned on any server? (Expired or active, be honest)
  • Nope.

  • If you have ever been staff on another Minecraft server, please state its name, the average player count and what your position was/how long you were in it.Why are you no longer working on the mentioned server? If you have not been a staff member before, please disregard this question.
  • You can find all that information right here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ZDuMnmB3YvAr-Q9a5oMNdiQga2jwRci892rtON-b2y0/edit?usp=sharing
  • How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to NovaWars on average?
  • Around 20

  • Are you able to record and upload proof of hackers?
  • Yes

  • In as many words as you wish, outline why you should be selected to become a staff member on NovaWars. (This is what matters, include as much detail as possible)
  • Friendly: I think it is very important for staff members to be friendly. If staff members are friendly, people will have more respect for them and be more comfortable to come to them for help. Being friendly would also help with teamwork within the staff team. I am always friendly but I think I am a bit more friendly when talking to new players, I don't want them to leave the server so I become their friend then they will want to come back.

    Knowledge: I have been playing Minecraft since the release and I know how the whole game works if you ask me anything about this game I could tell you the answer. My knowledge of the game will come in handy when someone asks in chat how something works or how to do something.

    Fair: I will not treat someone differently because of who they are, everyone deserves the same treatment. If one of my friends are breaking the rules, I will punish them without mercy. I want the players to be in a fair/ non-bias environment where they can feel equal to everyone else.

    Welcoming: I always focus my help on new players because most people just ignore them when they speak in chat, I always involve new players in conversations and make them feel at home. I want this server to grow and for that to happen it needs players, if people don't include and be nice to the new players they will most likely leave the server.

    Trustworthy: I promise to never ever abuse my powers, I would never betray your trust like that. I don't go back on promises because I like to have some honor about me. If you don't trust me that's fine but that does not change the fact that you should and over time will. You can also trust me not to release any information that the staff team knows and the public doesn't yet.

    Helpful: I enjoy helping people because it makes me feel good about myself. If you go on discord, forums, or in-game you will see me helping. I have been playing universe for a while so I know a lot about it and can answer any questions about it. I have also been playing Minecraft since it released which has given me great knowledge about how the game works as well.


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Registered Account
Jan 15, 2019
Denied. Not active on the server near as much as i expect from a staff member.
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