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New member
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Jan 15, 2020
  • What is your username? benybeno1011

  • What platform are you most active on? (Server, Discord, Forums) Server,Discord

  • How old are you? 14

  • What timezone are you in? GMT

  • How long have you been playing on the Nova Wars Server? Not too sure.

  • Have you ever been banned on any server? (Expired or active, be honest) Nope.

  • If you have ever been staff on another Minecraft server, please state its name, the average player count and what your position was/how long you were in it.Why are you no longer working on the mentioned server? If you have not been a staff member before, please disregard this question. I used to be a moderator on a server, i can't really tell the name, But it's a skyblock, factions and Towny server currently. The server is still up and running, However, I got demoted, due to the owner wanting to make a smaller staff team. I got moderator rank from applying, My application on it first, wasn't that good, and i ended up as helper, a short while later, I got promoted to moderator, about 2 weeks ago. I banned about 3 people in my time, due to the economy not being that large. Today morning, I got demoted as there was a too big staff team and 2 of the moderators had to be let go. Contact me benybeno1011#2489 if you need more information.

  • How many hours a week will you be able to contribute to NovaWars on average? 3-15 hours, depends on what day it is. On weekends, I'd say mostly 12 hours a day, on week-days depending on what day it is, usually 3-5.

  • Are you able to record and upload proof of hackers? Yes.

  • In as many words as you wish, outline why you should be selected to become a staff member on NovaWars. (This is what matters, include as much detail as possible) I am a great rolemodel to the community, i've read the rules through multiple times, and i think i could help this server out as much as it needs. I can fullfill any higher staffs' needs in tasks like catching hackers, sorting out a case, helping people if they ask questions, etc. I have a lot of patience and great humour but i can be strict if needed. I have never been banned on this server, and think i could be a great benefit to the community. I can speak fluent english and hungarian and i think i could help everyone. I speak with good grammar, and i am understandable, and convincing. I would not tell lies, and be as honest as could be in cases. I am generally a calm person, depending on what the case is, I can be calm. Usually i would be calm, but i do have a disorder named 'anxiety disorder' which may make me a bit not calm some times. I hope you understand. Thank you so much for taking your time and consideration to read my application to become a part of the staff team. I feel like it has such a great economy and community. The staff team generally are really kind to everyone, I currently have no rank and wish to be part of this amazing staff team that there is. I can help out the community as much as needed, and i would really LOVE to join this amazing staff team! I generally have no complaints or bad history with any staff, and i like working as a team. With great pleasure, from beny.


InstantzZHD | Owner of Nova Wars
Registered Account
Jan 15, 2019
Denied. You have been on the server for less than 10 minutes, after questioning on you about the rules you have read through multiple times, you were unable to recall any of them, and proceeded to go onto the forums and type /rules in an attempt to try and get them.

Play more, and dont lie on your next application.
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