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  1. IAmImpulse

    Increase the range of which you can mine blocks can be increased using token enchants

    increase the range of which you can mine blocks can be increased using token enchants
  2. IAmImpulse

    An Idea - Remove ranking up between prestige's

    Think of removing ranking up between prestige's and make the prestige price scale higher between each so it's more costly but you cut out going from A - Kingpin constantly.
  3. IAmImpulse

    A way to check % chance of certain enchants proc

    Like the title says, I and many others would like to see a way to check the proc rate per block of a tools enchant in the upgrade menu formatted at the bottom of the upgrade's lore something like this: Base Level Proc Rate (at level 1 if you don't have the enchant on your tool) Current Level...
  4. IAmImpulse

    An "alternative" to auto sell for specifically: Convicts - Emperor

    This would make it more fair for people who don't have the money to spend on the top rank or permission, it may feel clunky but it's better than not being told by the server and then mining for a few minutes to not get given anything from doing all that work.
  5. IAmImpulse

    An "alternative" to auto sell for specifically: Convicts - Emperor

    So for those who don't have permission by from ranks or winning the permanent permission, I've understood that it doesn't feel nice to mine unless you have it. I think if we had a method of detecting if the player's inventory is full and then it alerts them using text on their screen similar to...
  6. IAmImpulse

    Premade Pickaxes - Pickaxe Patterns

    Yeah. Similar to Jackhammer and Explosive but you can't just get them anywhere. For the common shapes maybe you could get up to a max level but you can only get the higher levels in the exclusive ones.
  7. IAmImpulse

    An addition to the thread `More steps in the /blocks system`

    So the new blocks system is very nice, I like it a lot other than the jump from 100k to 250k to 500k then to a million, since people could pretty much infinitely scale, can we like a double chests size worth of block progression up to a maximum of like 1 million blocks in like 50k steps or 100k...
  8. IAmImpulse

    Auto miners

    Put the things that the minions earn straight into token balance and money balance because it's tedious to go out of my way to go there every 30 mins or so unless I need to do something, which disrupts my work flow
  9. IAmImpulse

    Mining Block things for islands

    so for the miners for money and tokens, I'd like to see a speed upgrade added to it. Look into the idea of buying beacons for balance
  10. IAmImpulse


  11. IAmImpulse

    Premade Pickaxes - Pickaxe Patterns

    The idea behind this is that you can get certain rare pickaxes that have enchants powerful based on their rarity. So lets say rarity 1; the most common type of Premade pickaxe has a shape of a square as an enchant. Square's enchant will go up to a maximum of 5 levels on the premade pickaxes...