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  1. iamimpulse

    Koth Crate giving no rewards

    It did however give my alt the enchantment book reward - Maybe keys are somehow broken as I never got my keys from the mine crate?
  2. iamimpulse

    Koth Crate giving no rewards

    I opened and got 2 basic as a reward but didn't receive it in my inventory. Disomfit opened it and got 2 mythical as a reward but didn't receive it in his inventory.
  3. iamimpulse

    Minecrates not giving keys?

    Might be a one off occurance but this hasn't happened before until now - Prestige25 mine if that matters. - Pic used
  4. iamimpulse

    Envoy message is wrong colour at end

  5. iamimpulse

    Ice Gen Buckets and Netherrack Buckets

    I'd pay 5-6k minimum per ice gen bucket if they got added as watering 8000 blocks isn't very fun (especially if you're left alone to do it like 90% of the time) (64 ice = 1920 1 genbucket = ~32 blocks so it's pretty much 320k+ per stack of genbuckets. Since the buckets would be "useful", I'd pay...
  6. iamimpulse

    Progressive Mine Crate Rewards

    IDK why I said minecraft ahah. *minecrate but u got it anyways. :D
  7. iamimpulse

    Progressive Mine Crate Rewards

    If it's possible, buff rewards from minecraft as you prestige or go into higher mines, etc. Because getting 5-10k out of a mine chest is kind of underwhelming compared to other rewards. It isn't the worst reward in the world but either tightening it or buffing it as you progress could be good.
  8. iamimpulse

    Envoy message "error"

  9. iamimpulse

    Cant use demonic kit

  10. iamimpulse

    Custom Drops still not working As far as I know

  11. iamimpulse

    ./f fly doesnt work for citizens

  12. iamimpulse

    ./trade bug

    EXP Bottles do not transfer over when using ./trade. Was at spawn and did a basic trade. - Reported this in discord DM's
  13. iamimpulse

    "Claims Line" on the scoreboard

    Also Faction Total Power if it's possible
  14. iamimpulse

    Essentials TP message mistake