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  1. Firosee

    Prison Suggestion 02

  2. Firosee


    Sadly this is not possible in the current plugin we are using, so, denied.
  3. Firosee

    Server auto restart doesnt actually restart and clock is delayed on it.

    I have disabled the auto-restart.
  4. Firosee

    Youtube Role Guidelines

    If you are a popular YouTuber with a semi-big channel, you may be eligible for the YouTuber rank here at Nova Wars. This rank comes with some benefits to make recording videos here on the network more easily, such as our nickname feature to avoid players targeting you in games while you are...
  5. Firosee

    How to apply for Server Donator role (Format)

    How to apply for Server Donator role (Format) If you have donated on our server, wether that be the purchase of a rank, or some monthly crates, you will be obligated to the Server Donator role on both the forums & the discord. Here, you can do just that. Applying below will give you access for...
  6. Firosee

    sell chest

    This has been fixed
  7. Firosee


    3rd time this has been posted, resolved.
  8. Firosee

    Voting broke

    Dont double post the same issues.
  9. Firosee

    Falling the void puts you beneath spawn

  10. Firosee

    Fortune still not working in H

  11. Firosee

    Fortnightly kits and voting still broke

    Both these issues have been fixed. Apologies for the long delay.
  12. Firosee

    Clue scroll quest broke

  13. Firosee

    Remove fix-all in combat

    This is an allowed command whilst in combat. If you feel this should not be a feature please post it in the suggestions sub-forum for it to be removed.
  14. Firosee

    Weekly/fortnightly payouts for ftop

    That would be giving out too much for the small community we have, i feel monthly is enough.
  15. Firosee


    Denied. You have been on the server for less than 10 minutes, after questioning on you about the rules you have read through multiple times, you were unable to recall any of them, and proceeded to go onto the forums and type /rules in an attempt to try and get them. Play more, and dont lie on...
  16. Firosee

    Experience Shop (New main way to spend experience)

    Experience Shop (New main way to spend experience) Nova wars has been working on some new updates! Here at Nova Wars, we are always constantly updating our service and making sure we can give the best possible experience for any player who spends time on our Network. Whilst playing on Nova...
  17. Firosee

    Staff application buzzy

    Very little experience with our server, you have not logged in for more than an hour, simple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors aswell. Denied.
  18. Firosee

    Staff Application

    Accepted. Welcome to the staff team.
  19. Firosee

    Staff application

    Denied, you must be able to record and upload proof of hackers.
  20. Firosee

    Faction claims

    Also the message is grammatically incorrect.