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  1. iamimpulse

    Jelly legs and night vision

    Excellent idea, good for donor perk and in-game reward. I want this a lot.
  2. iamimpulse

    Custom Enchant

    There's a reason why they're rare....
  3. iamimpulse

    Brexit Recruitment

    Please do not reply to this thread. Note to anyone that does, your message will not be considered.
  4. iamimpulse

    Brexit Recruitment

    Hey everyone reading this! We're looking to recruit people into our faction! Here are our requirements - Must be 13 or older. - Must be willing to do base work if requested or told to. - Must be willing to grind if need be. - Must be active for at least 2 hours per day. - Must have a working...
  5. iamimpulse

    End of this month - Reset Topic

    We don't need a big long downtime either to fix stuff. So long as the server functions as if it does normally with all player/world data reset it's fine imo
  6. iamimpulse

    End of this month - Reset Topic

    Hi At the end of this month, can we get a reset of the end world, nether world and overworld All player data reset For the last 1/2 months my faction (brexit) have been sitting on a lot of money and I feel like the server's going to have to be reset in order to keep the server "balanced" and...
  7. iamimpulse

    Sell Chest iron selling

    Hi As you can see in the pictures below, iron blocks sell for half as much as they should https://gyazo.com/cc05bd6a7b61e0a1d6bdf1762b1b4b5c https://gyazo.com/888f87ddc8001a45655a5c58a18b3bb2 2880 ingots sell for $28800 576 blocks sell for $31104 blocks currently sell for 54$ per piece...
  8. iamimpulse

    Sand stacking Bug - END ONLY

    How did you manage to do it? We tried for ages with multiple methods.
  9. iamimpulse

    Sand stacking Bug - END ONLY

    If you check Instants video on the the plugin's review, He demonstrates that the sand gets fired, falls into the void but is unable to create sandstone because there is a water block in the way. Which counts as a block
  10. iamimpulse

    Shop Elixirs

    I think it's only in the end as it went back to its regular cool down after entering the overworld
  11. iamimpulse

    Shop Elixirs

    Hi Water Breathing Elixir gives infinite water breathing I don't know if any other elixir gives infinite potion effect. https://gyazo.com/6f08e9d5b194f5e8a7976f23ba7f4765
  12. iamimpulse

    Sand stacking Bug - END ONLY

  13. iamimpulse

    Sand stacking Bug - END ONLY

    Does no damage to sand. So there's no way to raid that base we were at until it's fixed.
  14. iamimpulse

    Vote Links Variables don't work

  15. iamimpulse

    Sand stacking Bug - END ONLY

    Hi The plugin that places sandstone when sand falls into the void cannot place sandstone if there is water in the way As you can see sand stone forms anywhere but the water.
  16. iamimpulse


    This would be a nice feature :)
  17. iamimpulse

    Platinum Crate

    16x hoppers only gives one hopper PepeL rip 15x hoppers
  18. iamimpulse

    No /f top

    Try doing /f top balance/online/members/power/land for now, don't know if there is going to be a new f top implemented in future
  19. iamimpulse

    Cannot build outside the world border

    Broken here are screenshots https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459699051118723072/551497271074881622/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/459699051118723072/551497566781440015/unknown.png
  20. iamimpulse

    Koth broken

    This is probably due to lag.